Modern Languages

"Foreign language is crucial to our nation's economic competitiveness and national security. Multilingualism enhances cognitive and social growth, competitiveness in the global marketplace (four out of five new jobs in the United States are created from foreign trade) national security, and understanding of diverse people and cultures. As we approach a new century where global communication will be essential for survival, we cannot afford the luxury of international ignorance."

The United States Congress

Applied Languages & Literatures

The world is rapidly changing. Technological advances have made the distance and barriers between peoples and cultures smaller. In business, education, the arts, science, medicine, politics and countless other areas, the necessity of effective international and intercultural communication is growing.

The new program in Applied Languages & Literatures at the University of Indianapolis offers a timely adjustment within the traditional fields of linguistic and literary studies and will enable our language students to successfully participate in a diverse world. Living in a society which relies more and more on a global marketplace and a commodity driven service industry requires the ability to quickly and imaginatively respond to changing social, political, and economic needs. These changes have not left the academic marketplace untouched; in fact, they require a diversification of our traditional language practice. They necessitate a deepening of linguistic proficiency in two or more languages and a broadening of intercultural sensitivity and cultural understanding.

The new degree program (36 hour major; 25 hour minor) is designed over the course of four years. (We suggest two courses in the major per semester, and the completion of internships and practica during the spring or summer). Students who successfully complete the course of studies will receive a B.A. in Applied Languages & Literatures.

The Applied Language & Literatures program has streamlined its course offerings for French, German, and Spanish and allows students to pursue two different tracks within the framework of the proposed program: a literature track and a business track. The new degree program requirements include foundation courses in French, German, and Spanish languages and cultures, multilingual language courses as well as courses in task-based language learning, such as business and translation courses, courses in intercultural management, and in medical and technical and legal writing & presenting.

Our internationally diverse population will provide you with unlimited opportunities to converse with native speakers of many languages. The University of Indianapolis has a strong international focus, with satellite campuses in Cyprus and Greece and international relationships with sister schools in China and Taiwan. Our international student body has grown to include students representing more than 60 nations.

We want to help you become a competent communicator in whatever language(s) you choose. To perfect your mastery of a language and culture, we'll provide you with the opportunity to participate in international travel and study courses during our Spring Term. In the past five years, our students have traveled to the Caribbean, France, Germany, Mexico, and Spain. We also offer several cooperative programs with other colleges and universities.

Upon graduation, you'll be well prepared for a variety of careers. You'll also have a strong academic background that will serve you well should you decide to enter graduate school.

Our Modern Language program includes such features as:

  • Majors and minors in Applied Languages & Literatures in French, German, and Spanish, including teaching majors
  • Arabic and Chinese courses, taught at elementary and intermediate levels
  • Service learning opportunities, internships, and practica
  • Receipt of up to six hours of academic credit for previous experience in a foreign language through placement testing


Students may fulfill part or all of the modern language requirements of the general education core, the Arts and Sciences core, or the Bachelor of Arts degree by completing the Modern Language Placement and Proficiency Test, administered by the department, and testing out of the appropriate course(s).